22 Oct 2012

Drosia village on the old Heraklion-Rethymnon national road

An alternative way to drive from Heraklion to Rethymnon is through the old national road.  If you feel adventurous this is an excellent way to explore the rough Cretan landscape and the villages along the way. The road is snakelike and needles to say it will take you  significantly longer to arrive. A favourite destination about 30-40 minutes drive from Heraklion is small village called Drosia. The village is famous for its taverns on both sides of the road that specialise in grilled pork and lamb. Every weekend hordes of  hungry visitors, especially from Heraklion, arrive at the village to taste the specialities.

Our favourite tavern is called Genigave (see photo bellow). If you decide to eat there do not ask for a menu (we're not sure if they have menus :). We recommend the grilled pork and lamb (half a kilo of each should be more than enough for two) a salad, tzatziki and chips. The local house rose is an excellent accompaniment. You may notice that the colour of the wine is the same as that of brandy's and later you'll discover out that it doesn't lack in strength either. Before you leave you may have to order sodas to help you make it to the way back.    

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