26 Dec 2012

Opus wine bar, Heraklion

Let's admit it. Heraklion is a big city and not a typical traditional one that someone expects to find on an island. People who live in Heraklion often complain about the lack of character in the vast majority of the bars and cafeterias that are plenty around town. That was our problem too. Even though we have lot's of choices for a lazy night out it seems that all places around town are copy paste of each other.

That's why we consider OPUS the new cafeteria-wine bar that opened recently in Heraklion as one of our favourite places to be.  Hidden behind the OTE building at the busy and noisy Theotokopoulos park it seems like a hidden oasis. While you are wondering around the noisy centre of Heraklion thinking where to go to enjoy a cup of coffee, you turn at a small pavement that doesn't seem very attractive and suddenly you find in front of you this interesting place. They occasionally host live music events that make the nights out in Heraklion more interesting.

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